Friday, November 04, 2005

Belated Happy B-Day

From:"Dante rivera"
To:"cool dela peña"
Re: belated happy b-day
Date:Thu, 20 Oct 2005 15:03:43 +0800
Happy Birthday!!! they always say: Better late than never..

i am happy that one of our friend in college has communicated to us once again. it 's really a long while since we parted on that graduation day and i think i have not seen you since then.

Well, it seems that you are enjoying your life. How many kids do you have now? What work do you do? are you still teaching computer?

I am working in Pangasinan right now, Urdaneta in particular as an employee of a water pump business. it's quite ok.

by the way you have mention of Nilo flores. He is in Malaysia right now and you might be interested in getting his contact no. there. here is the no: +60165454901.

i have attached a family picture. it's not updated though. i already have 3 sons. the last one is born last September 29, 2005 and i have not taken a picture of him in my computer.

Till next time. have a nice day....

best regards,


PS. I will be in Manila on the 26th of October to fetch our Boss at the airport around 2pm. i have the time to visit your place if you are there or we can just set a place and time to see each other, if it's ok with you...


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