Friday, November 04, 2005

Hello Buddy!!

Jesus Tubay wrote:
Hello buddy!! How are you?! This is a surprising thing from you! So you’ve changed you’re name??? Is that for real now? And your website is cool, man- just like your new name… Hmmmmnn.. So what are you doing right now?? Are you married or still single or just decided to live alone??!

Pare Dante Rivera is trying his luck too. He’s been preparing his papers so he can come here hopefully sooner. I bet you are also in contact with him?

My wife and kids are still there in the Philippines. And it’s going terribly harder for me as each day passes by. I can get them now but I still have to provide a house for them. So that means saving, savingg, savinggg…

I’ll be preparing a litany of goodies of New Zealand so you can know what it is to be like here.

Til next my friend.. Keep in touch..



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