Friday, November 04, 2005

Response to Of Winters and Springs

Subject: RE: FW: Of Winters and Springs
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:58:46 +1300
From: "Jesus Tubay" <>
To: "cool dela "peña" <>

Jesus Tubay wrote:
How’dy buddy!?

“Winter, spring, summer or fall..
All you’ve got to do is call..”

Still remember that song? We’ve used to play on the guitar- and you frequently play “Send in the Clowns?”.

Yea, there are lots of contrasts in the world. It’s pretty hot in one place, cool and humid in another. Just like people. Each has its own peculiar characteristics that makes him different from all the rest. And I just love this place. Not much snow though. And not much searing sun. Just a good balance in between.

I ride to work. I have my 49cc scooter. Handy and economical. I’ll still be buying my car in December. I’ll have enough money by then. For now, I’m stuck in this little wee bike.

I can get my family anytime now but my problem is the house. I don’t want to be renting with them bec that would spell trouble for me. I’ll try to produce the house first, then get them, then apply for permanent residency. I can apply residency now but I don’t want them be left behind. I hope I can produce that enough money to secure a house for them so then it would not be that difficult to live here.

Right now, they’re enjoying the good exchange rate for the money I’m sending them. It’s far better than what I’ve been getting while I was still there in the Philippines. I can make the 2months salary I am receiving there in the Philippines as a pressured supervisor (6days work) to just a week’s pay (5days work) as an electrician here. That’s what I’m trying to tell myself when homesickness gulp me up. It’s worth the sacrifice. It’s hard but it’s harder to live on just break-even. As we say it- isang kahig, isang tuka. No more, no less. I want better than that. I surely want to have my own car (which I can never produce in the Philippines even though we, couple are working together). That’s just very difficult to do. Unless- out of the blue- somebody gives us what we want. Or I can find a P10M check with my name written on it- which is ridiculously impossible! So here I am. Trying to make up for the “lost time” I did. And I’m enjoying it.

There’s more to life though other than money. It’s the satisfaction and joy behind life’s imperfections. I try to be balanced every time all the time.

The numbers are 0064-3-3396077 for my landphone and 0064-21-079-2039 for my mobile.

So till next my friend..


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